Sunday, September 28, 2008

Grandma's bday bash

This is alot of the women in my Mom's side of the family. My Grandma is sitting in front of course. My Grandma's youngest daughter's, daughter Mariah is sitting next to my grandma in front. My mom Kristine is sitting to the right of grandma, then aunt Ellen her oldest child, To the left of Grandma is Aunt Lori, with her youngest Daughter, then to the left is Aunt Jeanne, the second oldest. Starting from the far left is Amy and her youngest, then Marli and her youngest, then Emily (Ellen's oldest) then Rachel my sis, me, cousin Michelle, Natalie, (lori's oldest), Aunt Marilyn, Kirtly, Stephanie and Joslyn Sorenesen


Nikki said...

Wow, you have a lot of cousins!! Dude, I'm so happy you have blog! Saweeeeet! :)

Becky's World said...

i dont know what i'm doing though? will u help me?

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