Thursday, November 6, 2008

I once liked clever people. Now I like good people.

Years ago I preferred clever people. There was a joy in beholding . . . a mind . . . bearing thoughts quickly translated into words, or ideas expressed in a new way. I find now that my taste has changed. Verbal fireworks often bore me. They seem motivated by self-assertion and self-display. I now prefer another type of person; one who is considerate, understanding of others, careful not to break down another person's self-respect. . . . My preferred person today is one who is always aware of the needs of others, or their pain and fear and unhappiness, and their search for self-respect. . . . I once liked clever people. Now I like good people.
[Richard Evans' Quote Book (Salt Lake City: Publishers Press, 1971), p. 166]

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Heidi A. said...

What a powerful and beatiful statement! You edify!!!

I LOVE your blog Becky! I'm proud to link to you from mine!

Thanks for inspiring and sharing truths! We all need them!

And...thanks for your comments on my blogs! It's been many years but I love you and your family MUCH! You are the salt of the earth! Give Rachel and your Mom my love too!

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