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The ones who walk besides us

I got a family letter from my Aunt today and there was a part of it that touched my heart, I will share it with you.

"Brother Ditchburn, a stake high councilor about our age, spoke in Sacrament meeting this morning, and he recited a poem I hadn’t heard before. Called “The Ones Who Walk beside Us,” it reminded the listeners of the need to be patient and more understanding of those who are around us. Minutes before the meeting began, we had walked in supporting Grandma on both sides. Before leaving the apartment, in an effort to hurry us along, I had predicted we would be late for church. But Grandma needed her eyebrows, her coat, her two tissues, her pen and paper, her glasses, her hearing aides and then a new battery, a piece of toast and banana because she was suddenly hungry, and finally wanted an explanation for why we were leaving “so early” when we were down to twenty minutes and we hadn’t left the apartment yet! I confess to some impatience as we moved to the car. I doubt that the poem was directed specifically at us but it might just as well have been. "

The Ones Who Walk Beside Us
We need a little patience with the ones who walk beside us,
For sometimes they are tiresome and sometimes they are slow,
And we let our speech grow hasty and quick temper override us.
But maybe we’d be different if only we could know
Just the things that they are feeling, and their need of help and healing,
For how long they’ll be beside us is a thing we do not know.
But we’re all so prone to blindness and we waste so much of kindness,
Hiding all our better feelings that we ought to try and show.
Oh, we need to be more patient, and more gentle, and more tender
To the ones who walk beside us, when they’re faltering and slow.
For from many a happy starting comes a swift and sudden parting,
And how long we’ll walk together is something none can know.
Author Unknown

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